All public society use statistics and information as guiding light for the country development and benefits of the Thai people.


1. Manage and organize national statistical and information system to support national development and competitiveness.
2. Develop statistical production and service to better serve the users’ needs.


1. Development of integrated and standardized statistics and information management.
2. Conduct Census or Sample Survey or facilitate so as to obtain national database of statistical information on socio-economic and information technology and other statistical sectors.
3. Provide statistical information service to all users.
4. Organize statistical training courses.
5. Cooperate and coordinate with international organizations in statistical work.

Major Mission

1) Administration and Management of National Statistical System.

The statistical system in Thailand is regarded as the decentralized system; the National Statistical Office has played the major role in producing basic statistics, while the other government agencies can also produce statistics for their own purposes. Thus to respond the needs of users effectively and cost effective, the National Statistical Office has set up the first – ever Statistical Master Plan (2011 – 2015) for being a tool in administration and management statistical system of the country in order to produce standardized and harmonized statistics. The National Statistical Office also introduces StatXML and web service to link and exchange statistical information to be jointly used among government agencies.

2) Statistical Data Production.

Data Production is regarded as one of the major mission of the National Statistical Office, especially the production of Basic Statistics for policy and measures formulation, including monitoring and evaluation of the economic and social development of the country. There are about 20 – 25 projects of statistical surveys and census conducted each year, based on strictly statistical techniques. In addition around 10 -15 projects of special surveys on public opinion, concerning interesting issues, are conducted to seek public opinion on the Government policies, and the needs from the Government. Moreover, the National Statistical Office has done also statistical analysis with its own produced data then presented some related indicators for measuring economic and social trends.

3) Statistical Service.

There are various means in providing statistical service by the National Statistical Office, i.e. publication, CD-ROM, Databank and via internet of NSO website at http://www.nso.go.th Data provided are of both NSO production and of which other statistical agencies. The National Statistical Office also provides training courses on statistics and computer, including advisory service. The service also includes the consultation about the use of statistical data and special request of statistical tabulation. The users of both public and private sectors in and outside the country can equally access to our statistical service.