The 2007 Industrial Census

Manufacturing statistical data is vital for policy formulation and economic development plan of the county. The National office (NSO), as an authorized government agency, which is responsible for collecting economic and social data for various field, therefore, decides to conduct the third Industrial Census in 2007. According to the United Nations recommendation, each country should conduct the census every 10 year and these pieces of information will be disseminated to all sectors for their own can be utilized in various aspects. The government sector will use the information for economic development planning and policy making in the area of national and local production industries, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) planning, National Accounts compilation and also supporting the infrastructure planning for effective production industries. The business sector will use this information as a tool for business planning of entrepreneur in expanding or branch their enterprises, comparing with business lines and managing or controlling for effective business performances. For the private sector will use this information for considering their investments, in depth analysis studies of interesting production industries and relevant matter.