themes/people & society

year 2001

the 2007 Household Socio-economic Survey


This report was presented the result from the Household Socio-Economic Survey 2007 in which the National Statistical Office (NSO) has collected information every month in all provinces and in both municipal and non-municipal areas (January to December 2007). The survey contained important information on social economic aspects of household such as income, expenditures, debt, and income distribution of household. In the 2007 survey, it was found that households in the whole country had income and expenditure averagely 18,660 and 14,500 Baht per month, respectively. The average amount of debt was 116,681 Baht which was about 6.3 times of income. In general, it was found that income inequality has decreased from year 2006. However this does not imply that citizen are well being because the average income of the highest income group and those of the lowest income group differed 24.1 times (by dividing household into 10 groups equally). Therefore, it is recommended that government should take an appropriate action on the problem of household living cost especially for the poor. The National Statistical Office (NSO) has a high hope that this report would be useful for any agencies, both in public and private, academic institutions, and people in general.