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Authorities and Functions

The National Statistical Office, under section 5 of the Statistical Act of 1965 is authorized to perform the following statistical activities:
  1. To compile statistics from all statistical agencies,
  2. To plan and to conduct all censuses,
  3. To promote and develop government as well as private statistical activities,
  4. To plan, co-ordinate and direct technical aspects of all statistical projects and activities of the government,
  5. To collaborate with and participate in the coordination of the work of statistical agencies in the assembling, compilation and analysis of statistics,
  6. To make recommendations or advise other statistical agencies on plans, methodology, forms, questionnaires, as well as other documents such as handbooks and instructions to be used for statistical purposes,
  7. To conduct or direct sample surveys, or to collect, abstract, compile, and analyze statistics relating to the basic conditions of the country obtained from censuses and surveys,
  8. To supervise statistical agencies in the technical aspects of planning sample surveys, or in collecting analyzing statistics,
  9. To conduct or direct research on statistical techniques,
  10. To issue periodicals and to publish statistical data,
  11. To maintain a library of books and documents relating to statistics, and to exchange the said books and documents,
  12. To direct and promote the study of and training in statistics,
  13. To cooperate with, and participate in the coordination of the work of foreign states or international organizations.

National Statistical Office
Larn Luang Road, Bangkok 10100 Thailand