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Coordination Technical Advice and Consultant

Statistical coordination

The coordination of statistical activities is an important role which involves the following :
  • cooridination with the statistical producers to prevent duplication of work, thus helping save budget as well as ensuring statistical standard.
  • cooridation with statistical users so that the office will be aware of their needs and thus provide statistical data to suit their requirements. In planning of surveys and censuses, the representation of other government agencies concerned were invited to be the members of the Steering Committee as well as the Working Group.
  • coordination with the information providers (households or establishments)
  • coordination with foreign statistical offices and organizations in the exchange of statistical techniques, statistical data and technical assistance.
  • organization of special surveys for other agencies as requested.

Statistical technical advice and consultant

The NSO provides technical advice and consultant to other government agencies and private sectors on statistical methodologies, sampling design, questionnaire design, estimation of statistical measures, data analysis and report preparation to ensure that the preparation of each agency's statistical data is of high quality in compliance with recognized statistical standards. This helps promote and develop the national statistical system of Thailand as a whole.

National Statistical Office
Larn Luang Road, Bangkok 10100 Thailand