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Coordination Technical Advice and Consultant The statistics act, B.E. 2550(2007)

Authorities and Functions

The National Statistical Office, under section 6 of the Statistical Act of 2007 is authorized to perform the following statistical activities:
  1. Preparing the Master Plan for the imprementation of the government stattistical work.
  2. Preparing the stattistics standards to present to the cabinet approval.
  3. Promoting and developing statistical work both for the government and private sector.
  4. Conducting census and surveys or directing the surveys on various statistics of the contry.
  5. Coordinating and consulting with agencies to prepare plans that define the responsibities in implementing the statistical work under the Master Plan and mention in(1).
  6. Providing reccomendations, advice or assistance to agencies regarding the preparaion of work plans and methodology for data collection as wel as processing and analyzing statistical outcomes.
  7. Coordinating with the agencies to create statistical network in order to obtain important and timely statistical database of the country.
  8. providing statistical service to the general public.
  9. Disseminating statistics and organizing education and trainning on statistics.
  10. Coorperating and coordinating with other countries and international organizations regarding statistical network.
  11. Performing other acts as pescribed by the law and as assigned by the cabinet.