The NSO is the statistical information center for the whole country while provincial offices also exist and act as information centers the provinces. Data available in the centers consis not only of data produced by the NSO but that those produced by other government agencies as well. However, the statistical data collection presented in this page is only a part of more completed data collection in Thai Version of this web site . In cases where required statistical data are not available, the NSO may consider special tabulation for the users. The NSO's major users include the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Bank of Thailand and international organizations such as World Bank, IMF, ILO, ADB, ESCAP, JICA, MITI, etc. More information please send email to

Summary statistics from major censuses and surveys
Statistical tables searching
Data Warehouse
Statistics by province
Subject and analytical report

Summary statistics from major censuses and surveys

Statistical table, metadata and contact division are presented.
  Population and Housing Census 2002
  Marine Fishery Census 1995
  Agricultural Census 2003
  Industrial Census 2007
  Business Trade & Servise Census 2200
  Business Trade and Service  
  Civil Servants' Living Condition  
  Construction Industry Survey 2004:  
    Preliminary Report  
  Bangkok | Central Region | Vicinity | Northern Region | Northeastern Region | Southern RegionWhole Kingdom | Whole Kingdom (final report)  
  Construction Area 2007 :  
: Quarter 1/2007  | Quarter 2/2007 | Quarter 3/2007  | Quarter 4/2007 |
  Elderly in Thailand 1994  
  Fertility in Thailand 1996  
  Gender Statistics  
  High Qualified Manpower  
  Household Energy Consumption  
  Hotels and Guest Houses 2006  
  Household Socio-Economic  
  Home Work in Thailand 1999  
  Information and Communication Technology Survey  
  Knowledge, Attitude and Family Planning Southern Region of Thailand 1994  
  Labor Force  
  Manufacturing Industry  
  Population Change  
  Time Use Survey  
  The Survey of Tsunami Disaster Damages of Households in Sixth Southern Provinces  
Statistical tables searching

Compiled statistical tables in Excel format can be directly downloaded. The description presented in the tables is available both in Thai and English languages.
Tables compiled by National Statistical Office
Tables compiled by other agencies
Tables classified by sector
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Data Warehouse

More statistics compiled and kept in data warehouse.

Statistics by Province

Small area statistics at provincial level are available in Thai Version.

Subject and Analytical Report

Analytical report : Determinants of desire for more children
Analytical report : "Own-Children" estimates of fertility of the Thai hill tribes
Subject report N0.1 Migration 1990 Population and Housing Census
Subject report N0.2 Population Ageing in Thailand
Subject report N0.4 Nuptiality of Thai Population
Subject report N0.5 Economic Activity Characteristics 1990 Population and Housing Census
Subject report N0.6 Household Head Characteristics and Factors Affecting Size of Household
Formal and Informal Labor Force Market Survey : 1994 Labor Force Survey
Women in Non-Agricultural Sector : 1994 Force Servey