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The National Statistical Office conducted the first time use survey in August 2001. Main objective is to study how different time use between men and women in activities for 1 day (24 hours). Time use data will enhance the quality of implementing and monitoring government policy and to improve at a better estimate of the value GDP in the System of National Accounts (SNA 1993).

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An activity refers to whatever an individual spends time on is considered an activity in the time use context irrespective of the motivation , the intended beneficiary or the outcome of the event. Including resting or doing nothing

Types of time use
Four main categories of activities on which people spend their time ; as following :

    Necessary Time
      Includes activities which serve basic physiological needs such as sleeping , eating , personal care, health and hygiene , etc.

    Contracted Time
     Includes work and education. Activities within this category have explicit contracts which control the periods of time in which they are performed.
    These activities , therefore , constrain the distribution of other activities over the rest of the day , such as employment services for income , attend the class , homework , etc.

    Committed Time
      Describes activities to which a person has committed him / herself because of previous acts or behaviours or community participation such as doing housework , volunteer work , care for children in own household, etc.

    Free Time
     Free time is the amount of time left when the previous three types of time have been taken out of a person’s day. Includes activities which serve for personal recreation or leisure such as viewing television , reading , sport , using computer , socializing, etc.


1. To study pattern of time use in people’s diary life (24 hours)
2. To determine whether difference in time use between difference population groups
3. To provide data to improve significantly the estimates of the contribution to GDP within the national accounts
4. To provide time use data for Thailand internationally comparable at the level of international activities classification (ICATUS 1997)


1. Basic characteristics of population by sex , age , education and marital status
2. Amount of time persons aged 10 years and over spend in 24 hours
3. Wages evaluation for doing own housework


Combination of direct interview and self-completed questionnaires


1. Household and individual questionnaires
2. Full time question for activities from wake up until sleep

Recording Activities :
Main activity was recorded in open time interval 24 hours

Context Variables :

What purpose , where and with whom


All days of the week were covered by assigning one day to each respondent. The enumerator will try to distribute reference days so that each day of the week is uniformly allocated to total number of respondents.

Stratified Two – Stage Sampling was used in the survey from sample private households in every provinces , whole kingdom. All member of household aged 10 years and over will be collected information by direct interviewing and self-completed method. There are all 26,058 sampling households or 62,500 persons.


93.8 percent of sample respondents


10 MAJOR GROUPS (90-2 digits) in using and adapting the ICATUS 1997
Group1 Employment for establishments
Group 2 Primary production activities not for establishments
Group 3 Services for income and other production of goods not for establishments
Group 4 Household maintenance , management and shopping for own household
Group 5 Care for children , the sick , elderly and disabled for own household
Group 6 Community services and help to other households
Group 7 Learning
Group 8 Social , cultural and recreational activities
Group 9 Mass media use
Group 10 Personal care and self-maintenance


1. Preliminary Survey Report (Whole Kingdom).
2. Completely Survey Report (Whole Kingdom and region).


To be carried out in 2004.

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