the 2007 iCT survey on household

Due to attention is given to use the knowledge and technology as the country development base in order to enhance the country’s competitiveness through knowledge - base learning. The ICT master plan 2002 – 2006, approved by the cabinet, has been provided the development strategy for the whole country.
The National Statistical Office (NSO), as an authorized government agency, responsible to collect and conduct both economic and social data of the country in order to have the necessary information that modernized and completed.
This publication presents the results concerning information and communication technology of the establishments with at least one person engaged in municipal areas in Whole Kingdom. The coverage of the survey are business trade and services, manufacturing, construction, other land transport, activity of travel agencies and hospital.
The National Statistical Office would like to express her sincere gratitude to all entrepreneurs and all those concerned for their kind cooperation in contributing to the success of the survey.